Neverfail Migrate Enables seamless application migration between systems and sites while mitigating risk of business interruptions.  Unlike other migration techniques that either attempt to convert a system image to run on a new platform, or attempt to recreate an application on a new platform from scratch, Neverfail Migrate takes an entirely new approach. 

Neverfail Migrate enables worry-free physical and virtual server, application group, and site migrations by leveraging the same application-aware cloning, replication, and seamless switchover technology that has been used by thousands of Neverfail customers to provide continuous application availability through failure & disaster situations.  There is no need to reinstall and reconfigure the applications at the destination; this is performed automatically by Migrate.  Real-time replication keeps the data and configuration changes up to date until you’re ready to migrate. 

When the time comes to cut over to the new systems, Neverfail Migrate handles the transition across multiple servers and redirects clients automatically from a physical or virtual server to the new platform or site, even in multi-tier environments.  Should any unforeseen complications arise, such as network accessibility or resource constraints, Migrate can easily switch the application and user workloads back to the original server(s) until the issues are resolved.  When it comes to minimizing risk, business impact, and the time associated with server move, Neverfail Migrate delivers.

If you need to migrate your critical business applications to a new platform, no matter where you’re coming from or where you’re going, Neverfail Migrate can get you there. Download our Neverfail Migrate datasheet for more information, or fill out the form to your right to schedule a talk with one of our expert sales engineers regarding your specific server migration needs. 

Neverfail Migrate: Server, platform, and site migrations that work.  Period.


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