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Are you certain your business continuity plans will work when you need them to? 70 percent of companies we surveyed recently said they haven’t updated their business continuity plans in at least a year, but virtualization and cloud computing mean the infrastructure is changing faster than ever.

Neverfail IT Continuity Architect bridges the gap between IT infrastructure and business services so IT can trust their business continuity plans will always work. Architect automatically analyzes IT infrastructure, maps dependencies and tracks changes, showing you what is at risk and what you need to do to assure business continuity without fail. By letting you set recovery time/recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO) by business service, Architect decreases the risk of outages, reduces the cost of disaster recovery infrastructure and maintains compliance with service level commitments. 

Downtime puts your reputation at risk; Architect helps you avoid it. Download a free trial now and see how Architect can help you. Fill out the form below to access your download.


Introducing Architect: Game-Changing Disaster Recovery

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Introduction to Neverfail IT Continuity Architect:

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